If we let a group of people name the two pieces of furniture that are usually found in every house and office, then the most common answer is the chairs and tables. This is relevant because it is almost impossible to think of office space or even a small room without chairs and tables.

You can buy different types of chairs and tables, depending on where you want to place them. Although the basic structure of the chair is the same, you can choose a different design on the table. In addition, you can buy them from Erna Furniture. You can choose different types of tables such as dining, dressing, study, coffee or plastic table, etc. They come in various materials (Solid Oak Wood, Solid Elm Wood, Solid Walnut Wood or Solid Pine Wood) and designs.

Therefore, if you want to provide a stylish table for the living room, you can choose from different wooden table designs depending on the size of the room. Similarly, you can choose the desk and computer desk that match your style from the available desk and computer desk designs.

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Banjul Solid Recycled Elm Wood Dining Table – More Colors

From: HK$5,380.00

Barcelona Style Coffee Table

From: HK$1,650.00

Camille Rectangular Marble Dining Table – More Sizes and Colors

From: HK$5,050.00

Ceramic Drum Stool – More Colors

From: HK$830.00

Ceramic Drum Stool and Side Table – Gold and Silver

HK$1,650.00 HK$880.00

Charles Eames Style ETR Elliptical Coffee Table – More Colors

HK$7,550.00 HK$3,660.00

Chinese Painting Ceramic Drum Stool – More Colors

From: HK$880.00

Deer Solid Oak Wood Rectangular Dining Table – More sizes

From: HK$3,599.00

Deer Solid Oak Wood Square Dining Table

From: HK$1,999.00

Donny Solid Walnut Wood Side Table

HK$3,990.00 HK$2,990.00

Donny Wood Side Table – Oak

HK$3,190.00 HK$2,190.00

Eames CTW Style Plywood Coffee Table – More Colors

HK$2,599.00 HK$1,690.00